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Your partner in the industry!

KanaTech - Your partner in the industry

As a dynamic company, we strive to bring together supply and demand through know-how and best practices. We will take your product specifications into consideration, help you choose your raw material and offer a diverse range of products as well as extensive contacts in the European plastics industry.

Hence our creed: Connecting the industry - providing solutions.

Applied Engineering

KanaTech - Applied Engineering

KanaTech partners with you throughout the value-added chain.
By working closely with our clients, we reach our common goals quickly and efficiently. You achieve your objective faster and with peace of mind.
Creativity, know-how and a wide-reaching network of industry specialists are the foundation of a successful partnership.

We are with your product every step of the way - from conception to production.

Small orders

KanaTech - Small orders

Our technical know-how and expert knowledge of the market set us apart when working with clients. Additionally, thanks to our years of experience, KanaTech has become a trusted partner of businesses large and small.

We also value smaller projects, as they are often the first step in building a business relationship. KanaTech understands that with their innovative energies and creativity, small and medium-sized businesses are a pillar of our industry.

Hence the KanaTech approach: Less can be more.

High Performance Compounds

KanaTech - High Performance in Compounds

Whether you need filler, reinforcing material, stabilizers, additives, colouring agents to develop a highly specialized product, we┬┤ve got the right solution for you. We understand that niche markets - which fewer big-name companies are not willing to serve - are increasingly defined by their high requirement profile and are now more than ever a key sector of our Central European industry.

Because innovation begins with the raw materials.